Located at:


7282 Fenton Rd.

Grand Blanc, MI  48439





Next auction: November 8th, 2016 @ 9:00am

Auction will be conducted by Blair Auctioneers


Statutory Notice:

In accordance with the Michigan Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, Section 5(5), notice is hereby given that the following tenants are in default of their storage lease agreements for non-payment of rent.  Notice of the upcoming lien sale will be posted for 2 consectutive weeks on this publicly availabel website.  Any questions concerning these units must be brought to the attention of the Manager at 810-233-7282

Auctions are held at our location

Better Storage

7282 Fenton Rd.

Grand Blanc, MI

Auction Status

Unit # Tenant Name Status/date of auction
223 Tracy Stone Auction Scheduled 11/8/2015 @ 9:00am
261 Gail Alridge Auction Scheduled 11/8/2015 @ 9:00am
39 Frederick Williams Auction Scheduled 11/8/2015 @ 9:00am
413 Alyssa Bertrand Auction Scheduled 11/8/2015 @ 9:00am\
417 Glenn Cottrell Auction Scheduled 11/8/2015 @ 9:00am



Units Ready To Auction

Units listed here have been opened and inventoried in preparation for upcoming Auction.

Click on picture to enlarge

Unit #223

Tracy Stone

Unit contains sofa, microwave, lots of bags of clothes and other items.

Unit #261

Gail Alridge


Unit contains microwave, several boxes and bags of clothes


Unit #39

Frederick Williams


Unit contains household items, furniture, misc. items.


Unit #413

Alyssa Bertrand


Unit contains furniture, electronics, misc. items


Picture availabie later

Unit #417

Glen Cotrrell


Unit contains furniture, excercise equip,ent, misc. items.  This is a 10x30 unit...worth a look




Rules and policies of Our Storage Auctions



As with everything else in this world, there are rules and policies in effect for our storage auctions.  None of these rules are designed to stop anyone's participation, nor are they there to dampen the atmosphere of the auction.  Quite the opposite...These rules and policies have been put into effect to enhance and streamline the auctions, as well as to help provide a friendly and consistent environment for all buyers.  We realize that the list is somewhat lengthy, but if you plan to attend one of our auctions, we urge you to read these policies so you can be better informed on the day of the auction.



All Bidders must first register and receive a bidder number.  This may be done prior to or during the auction, but must occur prior to becoming active in the sale.  Without a bidder number, you may not place a bid.



NO ONE but the people designated by the auctioneer may enter the unit once the unit is opened for auction.  When bidding on a whole unit, you may not enter the unit or touch the contents of that unit.  You will be permitted to look into the unit from the door opening prior to the bidding, and can continue to look from outside the unit during the bidding.  If you enter the unit without permission, you may be asked to leave at the auctioneer's discretion.



This is a Voice Bid auction.  You may indicate your desire to bid either by speaking, nodding your head, waving your hand, or otherwise getting the auctioneer's attention.  make sure you are being recognized when bidding.  The auctioneer will make every effort to see all of the bids, but it is the bidder's responsibility to be seen and know what the status of their bid is.  If you are not sure, verify your bid with the auctioneer before the bidding ends.



If the unit is being sold by the piece, the auctioneer may allow the bidders to look into the contents of a box.  This will happen before the bidding starts.  Once the bidding starts, the box is to remain untouched until the bidding is complete



You will be given plenty of time to bid.  the bidding will not end until everyone has had ample time to view the item(s) or unit, and fair warning will be given.  If you need more time, let the auctioneer know before it is sold.  Once you place a bid, it stands.  make sure that you do not place a bid unless you intend to buy the property for that price.  Once the auctioneer says "SOLD", the bidding is finished.



If you buy a whole unit or the remainder of a unit, you are expected to take everything out of the unit and leave the unit and the area in front of the unit broom-clean. Failure to do so may prevent you from participating at future auctions.



You may not use the dumpsters on the property.  All items, including trash, must be removed from the facility property.



Under certain conditions, deeds, titles, certificates, photos, and other personal documents may be requested to be returned to the manager of the facility.  If this is the case, and you are in possession of such, please put the items in a box and label it with the unit number where they came from, and return it to the office.  If you are unable to access the office, or speak to the manager, please leave the box in the unit.



Once you purchase an item or unit, it is your responsibility to remove the items within 48 hours unless otherwise specified.  Any property not removed within this time may be considered abandoned, and disposed of, or removed in any manner, which the facility sees fit.  If you need additional time, please see the facility manager for this request.



All items are sold "as is, where is".  Neither the facility nor the auctioneer expresses or implies any guarantees or warranties of any kind.  All property contained within the unit is free and clear of any prior obligation or lien, and no obligations of the previous owner may be transferred to the winning bidder.



Unless otherwise stated, or prior arrangements have been made between buyer and facility, the auction is a "Cash Only" sale.  Payment will not be received until after the sale has ended. You must pay prior to leaving the property.



Be courteous of the other buyers.  Excessive use of profanity or malicious belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.  You will be warned once.  If you fail to observe this policy and/or the rights of the other buyers, you will be banned from attending or participating in any further auctions (including the current auction) at the discretion of the auctioneer's)



If you are a smoker, please make an effort to discard your cigarette butts properly.  when several people are standing around smoking, it doesn't take long for a collection of cigarette butts to form.  Generally, there will be a means by which you can dispose of your butts.



It is understood that from time to time, buyers may want to purchase items from a winning bidder.  This is fine as long as the request is not made during the bidding for that particular unit or item's).  If you are interested in striking a deal, do it after the bidding is finished.



The Facility and/or the Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any and all bids, and further, reserve the right to refuse a bidder's participation in the sale for any reason seen fit by the Facility and/or the Auctioneer.












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