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7282 Fenton Rd.

Grand Blanc, MI  48439





Next auction: December, 16, 2017





Better Storage has hired BID13.COM to conduct online auctions for our sales effective January 1, 2017.  These auctions will be in accordance with the Michigan Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, and comply with all laws and regulations.  Please visit www.bid13.com for more information and rules regarding these auctions.


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Statutory Notice:

In accordance with the Michigan Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, Section 5(5), notice is hereby given that the following tenants are in default of their storage lease agreements for non-payment of rent.  Notice of the upcoming lien sale will be posted for 2 consectutive weeks on this publicly availabel website.  Any questions concerning these units must be brought to the attention of the Manager at 810-233-7282

Auctions are held at our location

Better Storage

7282 Fenton Rd.

Grand Blanc, MI

Auction Status

Unit # Tenant Name Status/date of auction


Ryan Clerkley Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
5, 8 Marcie Albanice-Elkins Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
406 Connie Russell Auction Scheduled for March 3, 2018
44 Brandy Tondu Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
48 Daren Coggins Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
39 Frederick Williams Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
423 Michael Sclesky Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
709 Kathy Coggins Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
304 Savveon Tartt Auction Scheduled for February 17, 2018
421 Jason Lafave Auction Scheduled for March 3, 2018






How To Bid On Aucitons


Go to www.bid13.com to register and view upcoming auctions. 

By registering on our site you agree to sign up to our abandoned auction mailing list.  You are able to opt-out of this mailing list at any time.

On completion of an auction the highest bidder, herein referred to as The Buyer, will be charged a bidder's fee of 15% of the final auction price. The bidder fee is non-refundable.  The bidders fee and the final auction price must be paid in the currency for the country in which the auction resides.  For example: if the auction is in the United States the bidders fee is 15% of the final auction price, paid in USD, and the final auction price is also paid in USD.

  • All bids placed on bid13.com are final, and cannot be revoked under any circumstance.
  • The buyer has three days from date of sale to remove entire contents of the unit.
  • Final bidding price does not include local provincial sales tax, which will be added upon payment.
  • The Buyer will immediately be charged the 15% bidder's fee when the auction timer reaches zero.
  • Pickup during business hours only.  All pickup times must be pre-arranged with the facility before arrival.
  • Unless stated otherwise in the auction description, there is a $200.00 refundable cash deposit for units with sizes up to 10x20 and $500 for units with sizes 10x25 and higher (not included in the auction price). The deposit is fully refunded upon the unit being cleared of all items and cleaned.
  • Failure to remove all contents within the specified time period forfeits all payment and deposit and any remaining contents.
  • Bid13 retains the right to withdraw the sale of any unit at any time prior to the award of winning bid and payment there of.
  • Bid13 reserves the right to ban any bidder with disreputable bidding history, or those we deem to be derogatory or disruptive to the other bidders, storage companies, or Bid13.
  • All sales are FINAL SALE, no refunds or exchanges. All units are sold on an "as is basis" and "what you see is what you get basis"  Once bid is closed and awarded, the Buyer has no ability to cancel.
  • Any unit containing a motor vehicle may have an outstanding lien against the vehicle.  It is the buyer's responsibility to use the VIN provided to conduct a lien search prior to placing a bid.
  • All motor vehicles are sold AS IS WHERE IS, bid13 makes no guarantee what so ever as to their condition, outstanding liens or legal status.
  • Unless otherwise specified in the auction description, the buyer has 72 hours to pickup the unit.  If The Buyer does not pickup the unit they have won within this timeline they will be banned from
    Bid13.  The Buyer will also be charged for the full amount of the final auction price plus a $1000 abandonment penalty.
  • Bidders fees are non-refundable.












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